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Will your drugs be covered?

Will your drugs be covered?

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans must comprise of at least two drugs in each drug category. The plans should also do the following:

(1) Take care you have suitable access to retail pharmacies;

(2) Have a process for you to get drugs that are not on the list of covered drugs (formulary) when it is medically essential; and

(3) Give useful information to you, such as how formularies and medication management programs work, details on saving money with generic drugs, and grievance and appeal procedures.

Make a list of all your present medications, including name, dose size (for example- 2 pills, 300mg in each pill), dosage frequency (for example- 2 times a day) and monthly costs of your existing prescriptions. You can use this information to compare the list of drugs (also called a formulary) that are covered under each plan. You can get the list of drugs a plan covers by calling the plan or by visiting the plan's website.

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