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What is the difference between a PHR and an EHR or EMR?

What is the difference between a Personal Health Record (PHR) and an Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

The major difference between a PHR and an EHR/EMR is where the control lies. Some doctors and hospitals are now using electronic health and/or medical records to track clinical details about their patients in the same way they used traditional paper medical records. He or she may now use the EHR to keep and look after most of the documentation and reports about the patient and the care he or she has provided. An individual may have access to a Personal Health Record (PHR) through their doctor (if available) or through a health plan or private vendor. Some of the information in the PHR might have been provided by the doctor, and some may have been entered by hand by the individual. And while the doctor or hospital has control over the electronic health record maintained in his or her office, the individual or patient controls their personal health record (PHR). The PHR is not a officially permitted medical record because it is controlled by the individual, as opposed to the provider.

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