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What affects patient survival?

What affects patient survival?

There are several things that have an effect on how long patients on dialysis live. A facility may be able to control some of these things, but not others.

Things that a facility may be able to control:

- How well it cares for its patients, like changing a patient's treatment when required, and making sure the patient is on dialysis for the complete treatment time.

- How well it takes care that its patients get all the treatments prescribed by the doctor, and checks blood test results and gives certain medications.

- How well it educates its patients to take care of themselves.

Things that a facility might not be able to control:

- Whether or not the patient already has other health conditions like heart problems, or cancer.

- Unexpected death of a patient. In case of complications from surgery.

A patient choosing not to follow the prescribed treatment even after the facility has educated him/her. For example, a patient refusing to come to an end of a dialysis session, not taking medications as prescribed, or not following his/her proper diet.

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