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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare is regarded as the ultimate health solution for people of 65 years and above living in the United States. But even Medicare is not as foolproof as it is meant to be. It leaves gaps in coverage which means people with certain conditions do not have the facility to get coverage in those chosen areas. This is where the concept of Medicare supplemental insurance comes in. Put simply, supplement plans cover the zones left untouched by the original Medicare program. All over the US, innumerable private insurance companies offer supplemental coverage people enrolled under Medicare.

Supplemental plans also have another name- Medigap. Most private insurers have Medigap plans in their plan offering agenda. Medigap plans can be of twelve types and insurers cannot go beyond these in terms of supplemental product offerings. Medigap insurance comprises plans A to J. Each plan is distinctly different from the others and is categorically meant to serve specialized areas. The newest additions in the Medigap plan range are that of Plans H, I and J. For a rule, these three supplemental coverage options cannot be bundled with prescription drug benefit offerings. But there is no rule that says people cannot own these two coverage types (supplemental and prescription drug) separately.

When you are looking for Medicare supplemental insurance, you should not be led into thinking that the 12 different plans mentioned above are entirely different from each other. In fact, every plan includes some standard benefits and these are common to all of them. It is just that the ‘extras’ or the added benefits are different on each plan. As you proceed from Plan A to Plan J you’ll find the complexities with regards to benefits and cost- sharing increase. This explains why Plan A is supposed to be the most basic plan of all 12 on offer. One more thing that you must never forget is that no matter which company offers supplemental plans, benefits remain the same from plan to plan. The only point of difference between two or more private insurers may lie in the premiums that each of them charge. Though each plan comprises certain unique advantages, there are certain areas which all of them leave uncovered. These include prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and long term care amongst others.

Talking of benefits, each of the 12 plans comprises certain benefits common to the rest 11. Since Plan A is the most basic plan, you can find all its features in the other plans as well. All 12 supplemental plans allow members maximum benefit after they have successfully reached their deductible amount. After you reach this amount, your Medicare plan will pay for all medical costs you will incur in the first 61 days. So what happens to your medical expenditures in the ensuing period? All the Medigap plans pay for eligible medical expenses from the 61st day till the 150th. But to have your Medigap plan spring into action, you’ll need to clear your deductible first.

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