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When does Medicare cover ambulance trips?

When does Medicare cover ambulance trips?

Medicare pays for limited ambulance services. If you go to a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF), ambulance services are covered only if moving in any other vehicle could cause danger to your health. In general, moving from a hospital or SNF is not covered. If the care you require is not obtainable locally, Medicare helps pay for essential ambulance transportation to the closest facility outside your local area that can give the care you require. If you desire to go to another facility farther away, Medicare payment is based on how much it would cost to go to the closest facility. All ambulance suppliers must accept assignment.

Medicare does not pay for ambulance traveling to a doctor's office.

Air ambulance is paid only in crisis situations. If you could have gone by land ambulance without serious danger to your life or health, Medicare pays only the land ambulance rate and you are in charge for the difference.

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