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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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AARP leads with outstanding Medicare supplemental health insurance

A simple Medicare may not cover all areas of treatment and as a result the Medicare supplemental insurance or the Medigap is gaining high popularity. The Medigap insurance policies can be purchased with the help of the private insurance providers like AARP. Medigap basically provides coverage for 365 days and hospital expenses can easily met as about 150 days of hospital coverage is provided by Medicare. Even for 60 days at a stretch it is possible to stay in the hospital with the help of these Medicare supplemental insurances of AARP.

AARP Health Care Plans come with alluring Medicare Supplemental Insurances and rates of these insurances can considerably vary. Overviews of the rates offered during 2008 are as mentioned below:

Deductibles and Copayments

  • Part A Deductible: Part A deductible in the year 2008 is $1,024 per illness and it has increased about $32 compared to the last year
  • Part B Deductible: This year 2008 Part B deductible is $135 and it has increased about $4 from the last year
  • Part A Copayments: The Part A deductible provides coverage for first 60 days of hospital stay. It is required to pay $256 per day. As the 90th day crosses, the co-pay for the lifetime reserve days become $512 per day

It is worth mentioning that the rates of the Medicare can considerably vary.

A quick look at the supplemental health insurance offered by AARP:

  • AARP Essential Plus Health Insurance Plan includes enhanced indemnity and with this plan a lowest cost-alternative to traditional primary health plan is offered. This plan covers hospital stays, surgical procedures, doctor’s visits, x-rays and tests. Nursing care, hospice and home health care is also included within this policy
  • Medical Advantage Insurance Plan: It is an affordable alternative to the one of the best suitable traditional primary health plans. It is not at all a major medical plan; still it offers considerable amount of fixed cash payments. Expenses on Hospital stays and surgical procedures along with physician’s visits, x-rays and lab tests can be conducted with its help
  • AARP Essential Health Insurance Plan: Premium amount of this plan remains considerably lower. This plan has been tailored for the people who are working.
  • AARP Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan Attractive fixed cash benefits come with this Plan and the plan helps to cover out of pocket expenses. With this plan it is possible to afford hospital stays, intensive care stays and post hospital nursing care

AARP offers Medicare interactive counselors help during long term care, home health care and Convalescent care.

A quick look at the costs and choices:

  1. For the people seeking information about the prescription drugs, AARP facilitates consumer guide that can be accessed online
  2. AARP Rx Watchdog Report: The AARP Watchdog Report checks the pricing along with the terms and conditions
  3. AARP Urges Funding to Speed Approval of Generic Drugs: As per response to a request from AARP, $10 million has been added to its 2007 Food and Drug Administration's (FDA’s) OGD or Generic Drug Approval

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