Buying a Medicare-B Plan v/s buying your Dream

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Buying a Medicare-B Plan v/s buying your Dream Home

Buying a Medicare-B Plan v/s buying your Dream Home

You may think otherwise, but buying a Medicare-B plan is easier and more satisfying than buying your dream home. Here's the reasoning:

Your dream home would be a haunted house in Amityville or it may be a home where the former chiefs of Enron lead a sinful life. There are chances of you selecting a wrong dream home, but there are no such fears when you buy a Medicare-B plan.

Prior to buying your dream home, you have to sit across the table with shark-faced Shylocks, alias lenders and work out your mortgage rates, repayments and so on. When it comes to a Medicare-B plan, you can pick it up right from a website, without even having to see anybody’s face.

Buying a dream home needs a down payment, which is quite a considerable sum. For that much of amount you can buy hundreds of Medicare-B plans.

Your dream home deal will need you to consult an attorney whose fee-meter starts the moment you take an appointment with them. There are no such troubles with buying Medicare-B plan that is no attorneys, no middlemen.

Lastly, this is not a difference, but a similarity, in both the cases you have to read contracts carefully, particularly the fine print. To conclude, buying a dream home is certainly tougher than buying a Medicare-B plan.

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