Here are some information that could be useful for medicare insurance shopping

Buyer’s Checklist

Buyer’s Checklist

The majority of insurance companies and agents are highly principled; though, a small number of them are not. Not all of the following actions are against the law or unprincipled.

1. Did the agent try too hard to persuade you of the chances of you becoming insolvent, of your plans for retirement being disrupted, or of your savings and that of your children or relative being wiped out because of complete illness?

2. Did the agent guide you to believe that he or she was a representative of the Medicare program, Insurance Department or other government agency?

3. Did the agent advise you to drop a policy you already have so as to buy the policy he or she was promoting?

4. If you already have purchased a policy from an agent, has that agent changed companies and recommended you change your policies over to one presented by the agent’s new Medicare supplement company?

5. Did the agent advise you misrepresent any details on the policy?

6. Did the agent discourage you from shopping around or examining out the policy in details before deciding whether to buy it or not? Did he or she make you feel like you had to sign up the same day?

7. Did the agent ask you to pay in cash or make your check out to him or her personally or to the agency, in place of the company?

8. Did the agent fail to explain the policy to you or answer your questions fully?

9. Did the agent complete your health history information on the application just as you explained it prior to signing the application?

10. Ensure with a dependable source if you have any questions about the genuineness of any Medicare prescription drug card being offered - before you buy it!

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