Are power wheelchairs and scooters covered by Medicare?

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Are power wheelchairs and scooters covered by Medicare?

Are power wheelchairs and scooters covered by Medicare?

Medicare will help pay for a powered wheelchair or a scooter. Powered wheelchairs and/or scooters are covered if they are medically essential based on Medicare requirements. In order for Medicare to cover a power wheelchair or scooter, your doctor has to state that you call for it because of your medical state. Medicare won’t cover a power wheelchair or scooter if you only call for it for your convenience, or for leisure or entertaining activities.

In a number of cases, Medicare will cover a power wheelchair if:

- You can’t walk on your own.

- You have severe weakness in your upper body caused by a brain, spinal, or muscle situation.

- Your upper body weakness stops you from using a manual wheelchair.

- You spend the majority of your time in bed or in a chair when you are not in your wheelchair.

- You are able to work the controls of a power wheelchair or scooter.

-Medicare will cover a scooter if:

- You have a situation that makes you incapable to move around your house without the use of a wheelchair.

- You are not able to operate a manual wheelchair.

- You can securely get in and out of a scooter.

You will require a in person examination and a written prescription from your doctor for the wheelchair or scooter to take to your medical supplier. Your Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier can tell you if you meet the criteria’s for this coverage.

If you meet the requirements for coverage Medicare will pay 80% of the Medicare-allowed amount following you have met your $124.00 Part B deductible.

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